How To Star a Message In Whatsapp


WhatsApp is a most commonly used application or social website which is used at the every corner of the world. WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and after this it became too Famous that everybody downloaded this application from Google play store for free and anyone can do that. GBWhatsApp includes various features in it you can talk to anyone by saving his or her contact number in your mobile or device my keeping your WhatsApp up to date.

You can enjoy latest features that has been added up in WhatsApp application by the help of this app you can keep in touch with anyone with whom you always wanted to be in contact either. This application allows you to share images, music, contact, videos, locations and many more things WhatsApp allows you to enjoy other features like replying to a specific text forward a single message or a bunch of messages and even it allows you to copy a text from a chat and paste it to somewhere else and send them and is unique feature WhatsApp got that it helps in creating a bookmark by storing a message or keep a text by marking star on it how to start a message in WhatsApp is quite simple you just need to follow a simple process by which it can become handy so that you can stars or mark any message you want to do so now let’s go in a brief detail to know the process of making a message as marked forever by giving a starmarks message in WhatsApp you can keep it a special list so that you can see this text whenever you decide to in a list which will be opened by clicking on three vertical dots which we presented on display page of WhatsApp under the 3 vertical dots you will see an option named as start message in which you can see each and every message that you start from all the chats no let’s see that process from which you can keep it is start.

Open whatsapp and find the chat

The very first step included in it is first of all you need to install WhatsApp messenger or WhatsApp from Google Play Store you can easily download it from Google Play Store for free of cost once the application is downloaded and has been installed in your device all mobile you need to sign it up now you have install it and signed in with the required information you can now text someone with whom you want to chat to find his contact first of all you need to save his contact in your mobile contacts and then you can search it in your WhatsApp I know once you started your chat and you got a message that you want to keep it in your special list or keep it as a star you need to call the message long press the message.

Access the message

After pressing the message for long a box will appear in which you need to click on Star icon we will see a sign of stars now you will see that the message you selected a star appears on it where it shows and timings of message delivered or received no then you want to check the message and you want to check the list of starred messages so for that you need to go to settings of WhatsApp and there you will see an option of starred messages in which option you will see all of your starred messages.

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Whatsapp Plus Apk : Download whatsapp plus for pc windows 7 8 10

Whatsapp Plus Apk Download: Whatsapp is one of the best chat messenger application to communicate with friends as well as family and lot more. Whatsapp messenger application has advanced features and their functions and people are very much satisfied and its ratings are very pretty – have to say.

Whatsapp Plus application is not officially available on Google Play Store. However being an Android app user, there are a few different ways to download, use this new version of WhatsApp which is named as Whatsapp plus. If you are owner of android OS based smartphone, you can easily download and install its APK file to your respective Android smartphone.

Whatsapp Plus Apk download for Android & windows PC :

Aside from this, there are individuals who don’t have a cell phone, well regardless they can make utilization of such applications right from their PC’s. Download WhatsApp Plus for PC right from the beneath given instructional steps and take in the genuine establishment procedure to make utilization of this application from your PC.

Whatsapp has released many versions and every version is available in android smartphones, but the thing is why don’t we have it on PC, you might be shocking by knowing about this. But,” everything is possible and nothing is impossible” as a proverb exists. So, let us look on how to download the Whatsapp plus for PC.


  • Download and install Bluestacks on your respective operating system such as windows and mac os vice-versa.
  • Now, you need to do is  download Whatsapp Plus Apk from up and place the icon anywhere on your desktop.
  • Now open the WhatsApp apk  file or double click on that to open and select Bluestacks to run it. and if automatically bluestacks launches then, it is fine.
  • If bluestacks is not there , then download Bluestacks Offline Installer from here.
  • When the installation gets completed,you will be notified
  • Click on the notification and you can observe that the app will get started.
  • Then download whatsapp plus apk from below


  • Once the downloading part completes right click on the apk and select open with bluestacks app player
  • Now open your WhatsApp account in it and its better if you can follow the same process as yo do in whatsapp i.e., give your name and register in whatsapp and so on.
  • Thats it now you can use whatsapp plus on PC

Enjoy the whatsapp plus with lot’s of fun, if you have any problem regarding this article – please comment in the below comment section. If you still don’t get the clarity – we are providing you a youtube video where the complete tutorial is there. Don’t miss any tutorials – bookmark website Android Buzz for more tutorials.

GBWhatsApp For PC, Laptop | Windows Download – WhatsApp For PC

GBWhatsApp For PC: Today we will be coming through a useful app for the user who uses two WhatsApp accounts. It is already known that WhatsApp only allow single account to be used from its App which let us use two different Smartphone to use our two WhatsApp accounts. So in this article we will come across a useful app called GBWhatsApp which will allow running the seconds WhatsApp account for free.  The sole reason why I advise you to use GBWhatsApp For PC is to view and chat with friends on a much bigger screen. To be frank, your smartphone screen might not be suitable for all and here this guide helps those who want to use this app on a big screen.

Messaging has become a popular and easy means of communication and with the advent of such amazing text messaging app it is more easier indeed. Not just chatting with friends and family but we can share pictures, files such as Zip, Apk, PDF and many more. So today we discuss and review about GBWhatsApp which is a clone or mod version of original WhatsApp that we use every day. So, what are you waiting for just go on and start reading this guide.

GBWhatsApp For PC – Download

Well I can understand many of might be thinking why not use the WhatsApp web version directly? Well if you want you can but let me say this that GBWhatsApp For PC is one of the finest messaging tools you can find. So, if you want speed, accuracy, better texting feature then stick with this app. Not only we can view this app on large desktop screens on Windows and MAC, but also entertain and effectively use all the features from a Android version one.

This app is designed for the users for their flexibility and hence gives you a platform to use two accounts on single device.  The features of GBWhatsApp are slightly increased from usually WhatsApp as the sent picture number can be increased to 90 forms 10. The amount of Data bytes is also increased to 30MB along with the Symbols, characters used while texting. GBWhatsApp provides an easy and clean interface for the users to run their different account. If you don’t know how to get this App installed then there is no worry, as we have the installation guide of GBWhatsApp for PC given below.

Sometimes we might find using old texting apps and official version of WhatsApp a little boring. But with the help of GBWhatsApp Apk  we can witness new features and better customization options.

GBWhatsApp for Features:

Let’s know few features of GBWhatsApp which make it exactly working as the WhatsApp App and give you a free platform to use.

  • GBWhatsApp Supports messages as well as calling feature too
  • Get the privacy option and edit your setting of appearing online
  • Can send videos up to 30MB and can view media without loading
  • One click and send 90 images at a time to your GBWhatsApp contacts
  • There are about 140 symbols and more than 250 character to use while texting
  • Change the notification and program icons as per your display settings
  • Even pdfs, files, documents and more can be sent using GBWhatsApp
  • Change color, add new languages and more setting
  • View the contact from your conversation screen directly without going to their profile
  • Use theme server to downloaded more than 50+ themes for WhatsApp

I am sure you have found these above features interesting and before we get going, I would like you to read some more about BlackMart Apk that can be used for various effective reasons on Android.

Download GBWhatsApp For PC Using Bluestacks:

GBWhatsApp is a mobile based application which can be installed on PC along with other Apps using Bluestacks. This will let you get GBWhatsApp installed on PC Windows and start using it to enjoy dual WhatsApp account on big screen. Follow this steps and get started to run GBWhatsApp on Windows PC.